Monday, June 18, 2012

Ruth's Chris Steak House

It may seem counterintuitive for a steak house to be vegan-friendly. But it's been my experience that I can eat well and with a minimum of fuss when I dine at Ruth's Chris.

I assume I must not be the only vegan or vegetarian that dines there, since the restaurant actually offers a Personalized Potato and Vegetable Selection as one of its entrées. This option allows you to choose three items from among the list of potato and side dishes on their menu. Most of those items are not vegan, but many can easily be made vegan. During my most recent visit, I ordered the baked potato, sautéed mushrooms, and asparagus as my three side dishes. I asked that the mushrooms be sautéed in olive oil rather than butter, and asked that no hollandaise sauce accompany my asparagus. Before I left home, I filled a small container with Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread, and I used that on my baked potato and asparagus. When accompanied by a fabulous glass of Sonoma-Cutrer chardonnay, it was quite a feast!

Other side dish possibilities might include the broiled tomatoes, the sautéed spinach (if sautéed in oil rather than butter), or steamed broccoli. The sliced tomato and onion salad looks as though it could easily be made vegan as well by ordering it without the bleu cheese crumbles.

When it came time for dessert, the server told me that they had a wonderful raspberry sorbet, but I opted instead for the fresh seasonal berries, without the sweet cream sauce that usually accompanies them. It was the perfect way to end the meal.

Ruth's Chris has locations all over the world, but their two local restaurants are at 501 Pavilions Lane in Sacramento or at 1185 Galleria Boulevard, #P-120, in Roseville. More information is available on their website at


Anonymous said...

Hoping to try this tonight as my family goes to Ruth's Chris. Your options sound like the ones I want to try. I also have vegan butter I take to restaurants. Usually to outback for their veggies and potato and no one has complained so hopefully they won't at Ruth's chris either! I can't wait.

Pam said...

I've never had a problem using my own vegan butter at Ruth's Chris. Lately, I haven't been able to get the mushrooms sauteed in olive oil instead of butter -- apparently butter is used in their prep process now. So I've just been ordering a baked potato (plain), and asparagus and/or broccoli without hollandaise sauce or cheese. For dessert, I always get the fresh seasonal berries without the sweet cream. I let my server know I'm vegan when I'm ordering, and it's always been fine. Let me know how it goes!