Monday, September 10, 2012

Freebirds World Burrito

I had lunch over the weekend at Freebirds World Burrito in Natomas, which opened just last month. As the name of the restaurant suggests, burritos are their specialties, but they also offer burrito bowls, nachos, quesadillas, tacos, and salads.

If you decide to go with the burrito, your first decision will be choosing the size you want to order, since they range from the Hybrid, which is Freebirds' smallest burrito, other than their Kids' burrito, all the way up to the Super Monster, which weighs almost seven pounds. I opted for the Hybrid burrito and still ended up feeling as though I'd eaten too much.

The veggie burrito comes with a choice of tortillas (flour, wheat, cayenne, or spinach), a choice of rice (cilantro lime or Spanish), and a choice of beans, all of which are vegan (black beans, pinto beans, and un-refried beans). It also includes roasted vegetables (onions and bell peppers) and guacamole. After the basics are loaded onto the tortilla, there are numerous toppings you can have added, such as jalapeƱos, cilantro, tomatoes, tortilla strips, as well as salsas with varying degrees of spiciness.

Freebirds World Burrito is a fast-growing chain with restaurants throughout California. The restaurant in Natomas is located at 2281 Del Paso Road. There are also Freebirds in Elk Grove at 8235 Laguna Boulevard, in Folsom at 310 Palladio Parkway, and in Roseville at 10305 Fairway Drive. More information about their menu, hours, or locations is available online at

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