Monday, December 2, 2013

Sacatomatoes Food Truck

First, there was 'Wich on Wheels. Then followed Broderick Roadhouse and Wicked 'Wich at the Downtown Plaza. Now comes the newest culinary venture from Chris Jarosz, the Sacatomatoes food truck. According to the Sacatomatoes Facebook page, the constantly evolving menu will focus on locally-sourced foods.

I found the Sacatomatoes truck in the REI parking lot this past weekend and ordered the vegan soy tacos, with a side of fries. The filling for the tacos is described on the menu board as "textured soy deliciousness," and it really was very tasty. The tacos are topped with a pico de gallo that includes chopped cabbage, tomato, apple, green onions, and ginger. A dollop of vegan sour cream is the crowning touch. I ordered two, but these are big tacos. Since I was getting fries too, one taco would have been plenty for me.

The sole purpose of the frying oil on the Sacatomatoes food truck is to cook the fries, so you don't need to worry about whether something non-vegan has been cooked in the same oil. The fries were delicious.

A vegan special was also on the menu the day I was there: a black bean curry burger. I hope to try that on a future visit to Sacatomatoes.

With no fixed location, the best way to find out where you can catch up with the Sacatomatoes truck is to follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@Sacatomatoes). Definitely worth the trip!

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