Monday, April 28, 2014

SactoMoFo 7 Wrap-up

I had such a great time at SactoMoFo 7 over the weekend, where several mobile food trucks offered delicious vegan options. I couldn't possibly try them all, but I visited a few of them and took food containers with me so I could bring the leftovers home.

As far as I'm concerned, the star of the show was Hella Vegan Eats, an all-vegan food truck from the Bay Area. That was my first stop of the day, and I was happy to see a long line of people eagerly waiting to try it out.

I ordered the Southern Fried "Chicken" Sandwich, which consisted of a crispy fried "chicken" patty on a house-made knot roll, topped with apple, fennel, and jalapeño slaw and dressed with a pickled mustard seed aioli. It was so good!

It seemed like a shame to have access to an all-vegan food truck and only get one thing to eat, so I went back later and ordered the Fried "Chicken" & Waffle Mini Bite. It was just as fabulous as its description on the menu board: crispy fried "chicken," fluffy waffle, sage-lavender butter, and Maker's Mark Bourbon-infused maple syrup. Wow...

I also got one of their Crack Cookies to take home. What's in a Crack Cookie, you ask? Caramel potato chips, chocolate chips, and Anchor Steam Porter, among other things. Wish I'd taken home more than one!

Another food truck with great vegan options was Curry Up Now, also from the Bay Area, serving Indian street food. I ordered the Hella Vegan Burrito (do you get the feeling that "Hella Vegan" is a popular phrase in the Bay Area?), and it was excellent. The picture below doesn't do justice to this great burrito, stuffed with samosa, chana masala, rice, tofu, and chutney.

My next stop was Dusty Buns, a food truck from Fresno that serves organic sandwiches on fresh hand-made buns. I got their Vegan Joe, which featured roasted squash, mushrooms, and onions topped with almond vegan pesto on one of their delicious toasted buns.

Unable to eat another bite after all that, I went looking for snack and dessert items to take home. I picked up a bag of original kettle corn from Costa's Finest Kettle Corn, and an incredible assortment of DavePops.

I'm already looking forward to SactoMoFo 8!

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