Monday, March 9, 2015

Road Trip! Veggie Grill in Corte Madera

On Friday, I drove to Corte Madera to visit Book Passage, an independent bookstore that's been on my bucket list for awhile. After spending a wonderful hour-plus browsing and picking out books, I drove to another place I've been wanting to visit -- Veggie Grill, an all-vegan restaurant chain that, unfortunately, does not have a Sacramento location.

There were so many delicious-sounding options on the menu that I had a hard time deciding what to eat. I wanted to be able to include pictures of at least two dishes on this blog so readers could get an idea about what was available. I love cauliflower, so the first dish I ordered was the Crispy Cauliflower appetizer, panko-breaded cauliflower florets served with a sweet and spicy orange dipping sauce. So good!

For my entree, I asked for guidance from the cashier, who said that the Sonoran Winter Bowl, the Bombay Bowl, and the Crispy Chickin' Plate were all customer favorites. All three looked good, but it was the cauli-mashed potatoes that came with the crispy chickin' that was the deciding factor for me. Porcini mushroom gravy topped the potatoes, and coleslaw and fire-roasted carrots were also on the plate. It was an excellent but extremely filling lunch, especially after the Crispy Cauliflower appetizer.

If I hadn't been completely stuffed, I would have topped off my lunch with a piece of carrot cake. By that time, though, I couldn't even think about dessert.

Veggie Grill has restaurants in California, Washington, and Oregon. The nearest one to Sacramento is the new Veggie Grill that recently opened in Walnut Creek. More information about the menu, locations, and hours of service are available on Veggie Grill's website at or on their Facebook page at

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jacob20martin said...

Wow Porcini mushroom gravy looks so tempting. I always love to try Veggie Grill food, and last month I had dried baked food at Boston restaurants. The location, service everything was just amazing.