Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Long, Celestin's

I was sorry to read in the Sacramento Bee this morning that Celestin's Island Eats and Cajun Cuisine
( will be closing at the end of this month.  The delightful Celestin family has been serving delicious Caribbean cooking in their beautiful restaurant for many years now, and I'm really going to miss them.  If you want to try their fabulous Curry Vegetables or Vegetarian Gumbo, you should make a point of visiting the restaurant before they close after dinner on September 30th.


sacvoter said...

I hate the thought of not having Celestin's open. I've gone there for so many years - including their past location in midtown. I hope that the new restaurant will follow Celestin's path of providing food for vegans. Not the same food, but nonetheless tasty and easily identifiable.

Pam said...

I agree -- I'm really going to miss Celestin's too. The restaurant that will replace it will apparently specialize in Southern cooking, but may keep some of Celestin's menu items, such as the gumbo. I may send them an e-mail before their menu is set and see if they plan to offer any vegan options.