Monday, November 7, 2011

Taste of Thai

I stopped in for lunch last week at Taste of Thai on Broadway, and was seated at a nice table by the window.  I took a look at their lunch menu and asked the first question I always ask when I visit a Thai restaurant -- does the curry contain fish sauce?  Unfortunately, the answer to that question was yes, so I stopped looking at the curry selections on the menu and started looking at the other options.

There were several Pad selections, each with a different combination of vegetables.  I decided to try the Pad Prik Khing, which the menu describes as consisting of a choice of vegetarian or meat (if you choose vegetarian, the dish comes with tofu), chili paste, kaffir leaves, bell peppers, and green beans.  I was surprised when the server asked me if I wanted them to leave out the fish sauce, since there was no mention of fish sauce on the menu.  I asked that it be omitted, and then I asked if fish sauce was an ingredient in most of their dishes.  It apparently is, so if you're vegan, be sure to ask them to leave it out.  It can't be left out of the curry, however.

At any rate, I had a choice of soup or salad to start, so I ordered the soup, which was a tasty vegetarian hot and sour soup containing tofu and baby corn.  Then my entree was brought to the table, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it included even more vegetables than had been listed on the menu -- cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, snow peas, and baby corn.  The vegetables were cooked just right, crunchy without being raw, and the dish was mildly spicy.  Served with white rice, it turned out to be a very satisfying lunch.

Taste of Thai has three locations in the area.  In addition to the restaurant on Broadway, there is one in Natomas and one in Roseville.  More information about their locations, hours, and menu is available on their website at

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