Monday, July 13, 2015

Granola Girl Food Truck

Last Thursday, I decided to check out Gather, a neighborhood get-together in Oak Park. What a fun event! There were food trucks, a DJ, beer and wine, and lots of people out to enjoy the summer evening.

The main reason I went to Gather was because I wanted to try out the Granola Girl Food Truck, which people had mentioned on Facebook as having lots of vegan options. Sure enough, Granola Girl had all kinds of good food for vegans.

Everything on the menu was vegetarian, and most items were vegan or could be made vegan. Even better, the menu was clearly marked so I could tell exactly what my options were.

I ordered the Sweet Potato Wedges, with cowboy seasoning, a cashew cheese sauce, cilantro, and spiced pepitas. They were excellent, and I ate every bite. Other vegan options on the menu included a tomato-melon gazpacho, and nachos topped with, among other things, a housemade beet and carrot salsa. There is apparently a vegan option for their green grilled cheese sandwich too. The portobello banh mi sliders have an ingredient that contains honey, but are otherwise vegan.

Granola Girl also has vegan shakes, granola bowls, and desserts. I couldn't leave without ordering at least one more thing, so I got the Berry Crisp to go and ate it for breakfast the next morning. So good!

To find out where and when you can catch up with the Granola Girl Food Truck, check their website at or their Facebook page at

And seriously, you should check out Gather one of these Thursday nights. In addition to the Granola Girl Food Truck, the Dave Pops cart was there with fabulous vegan frozen dessert pops, Fuzion Eatz had their delicious falafel wrap on the menu (hold the feta and the dairy-based sauce), and Raja's Tandoor was there from Davis with chana masala and samosas. I don't know if the food truck line-up is the same every month, but I felt like I had lots of choices this month. Gather is held from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the second Thursday evening of every month from June to October at the corner of Broadway and 34th Street.

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