Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Shopping in Midtown

There are so many fun places to shop in Midtown that I'm sure it will take at least two or three blog articles before I can list all my favorites. But for starters, you might want to check out these stores:

PeraDice -- You've just got to love a gift shop that has an upside down Christmas tree in the window! PeraDice, located on 24th Street between I and J in Midtown, is a great place to find stocking stuffers and fun Christmas items. Seriously, who wouldn't want a dish towel that says, "Dear Santa, I can explain!"?

Ladybug Ladybug -- I visited this shop on J Street for the first time the other day. They offer greeting cards, holiday decorations, stocking stuffers, and quite a nice collection of craft kits for kids. In addition, they share their retail space with Spanglish Arte, where you can buy one-of-a-kind Latino, Chicano, and indigenous art pieces. They will host a holiday bazaar there this weekend featuring local artists and vendors.

Ancient Future -- If you haven't been to the new Ancient Future Urban Sanctuary at 24th and K yet, you may want to take a peek inside and check out their gift shop. They offer a variety of jewelry and other items made by local artists and crafters. I especially like the small faux animal print chaise lounge for a very spoiled pet!

And if you have a foodie on your holiday shopping list, the 24k Chocolate Cafe at Ancient Future sells teas, chocolate, and other gourmet goodies. Have a bit to eat while you're there. They have a few vegan menu options, including the phyllo cup salad I had yesterday with a glass of lavender lemonade (sorry for the blurry picture!).

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