Monday, September 5, 2016

Umai Savory Hot Dogs

If you live in the greater Sacramento area and don't have an Umai Savory Hot Dogs near you yet, don't worry -- they're popping up all over! I've been hearing about this unique new hot dog restaurant on Facebook, so I visited the Howe Avenue location over the weekend.

Umai offers numerous variations on the sausage in a roll concept. There are several different hot dog or sausage choices, as well as lots of bun, sauce, and topping options. They have four different vegetarian sausage options, all of which are vegan.

I like my hot dogs pretty basic, so I tried to order the vegan frankfurter. Unfortunately, they were out of that one, so I got the vegan Italian sausage instead. I had checked the nutritional information on Umai's website ahead of time and knew that the only vegan bun option was the gluten-free bun, so I ordered that. Be forewarned, though -- the gluten-free bun costs an extra $2.00. For my sauce and toppings, I just asked for mustard and sauerkraut. It turned out to be a really good sausage sandwich! I plan on being a regular customer once they open a location a little closer to where I live.

In addition to the Howe Avenue location, Umai Savory Hot Dogs has restaurants in Natomas and Roseville. According to their website, they're planning to open restaurants in downtown Sacramento, midtown Sacramento, Elk Grove, Davis, and San Jose soon. For more information about their locations, hours, and menu, visit their website at or their Facebook page at


One Voice said...

So it looks like they serve field roast sausages than?

Pam said...

So it would seem.

Unknown said...

Roseville is closed down