Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Peet's Coffee & Tea

I don't drink coffee, and I'm not particular about tea, so if I'm meeting someone at a coffeehouse, my biggest concern is likely to be whether there will be any vegan snacks for me.  Since Old Soul ( isn't always an option, I was happy when a friend told me that Peet's Coffee & Tea offers a few vegan treats too.  So I stopped by my local Peet's yesterday to check out the baked goods.

There were three vegan items, and in order to make a full report, I decided I'd better try all of them.  The first was a fat-free apricot oatmeal scone.  I was confused when I looked at it because I saw blackberries in it, not apricots.  Apparently, the apricot is pureed and mixed in with the dough.  At any rate, it was quite good, and I especially liked the added blackberries.

The next two items I sampled were the vegan ginger cookie and the vegan chocolate chip cookie.  They were both excellent, although I appreciated the ginger cookie more just because I can always find a vegan chocolate chip cookie, but vegan ginger cookies are a little more scarce. 

The baked goods in Peet's Northern California restaurants are made in South San Francisco bakeries.  If you're visiting a Peet's Coffee & Tea location in Southern California, you're likely to have different menu options.

Peet's offers an extensive selection of coffee and tea drinks, and soy milk can be substituted for regular milk.

There are numerous Peet's locations in the Sacramento area.  Information about locations, hours, and menu items can be found at


Bethany said...

I like their ginger cookie, too! Most store-bought ones, even the organic brands, have eggs. Chewy, spicey, molasses-y is soooo good in autumn!

Pam said...

I agree, Bethany! The ginger cookie turned out to be such a welcome surprise.