Wednesday, October 3, 2018

SVCC 2018 -- Sexy Panda Truck

Thank goodness for the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge! Without it, I don’t know when I might have found out about the Sexy Panda Truck, which is parked in a location on Arden Way that’s a little off the beaten path for me.

I drove over there for lunch today and had to decide what to order from a menu that was full of things I wanted to eat. Should I get tacos (Can’t Believe It’s Not Beef, Unchicken Bao, or We Harm No Fish)? How about the ImpossiBao or the Vegan Mac? Everything sounded so good! I finally decided on the Loaded Vegan Fries, and when they say “loaded,” they’re not kidding! I was presented with a huge serving of waffle fries, vegan macaroni, Impossible meat, cilantro slaw, bulgogi sauce, and vegan Panda sauce. There was so much food, in fact, that I couldn’t close the top of the to-go box until I’d eaten a good amount. I sat in my car and ate tasty bite after tasty bite until I couldn’t eat anymore. 

Since the Sexy Panda is a food truck, it won’t always be serving up all this vegan goodness in the same location. Right now, it’s at 998 Arden Way, which is at the corner of Evergreen and Arden, near the Harley-Davidson dealer. But you should probably follow their Facebook and Instagram pages so you can keep track of where they’ll be on any given day and during what hours. Whether they’re off the beaten path or not, they are definitely worth a visit!

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